An amazing CRAFTY with specific capacity for braided
lines! Developed from the current CRAFTY BLACK,
the evolution comes from the spool, before injected, now
machined aluminum plus an additional stainless steel bearing
and a perfect grip thanks to a sophisticated high density EVA
handle knob.
Main spool
Capacity (mm/M)
Extra spool
Ratio Bearings
• Frontal multidisc 10kg power
drag system.
• Steel tube bail arm.
• Titanium Nitrate coated line
• Parallel oscillation winding
• 8 stainless steel bearings.
• Anti return by a one direction
• High speed ratio 6.1:1
• External lubrication port.
• ”Slim body” design.
• Body and rotor made of
compact HS graphite.
• Double anodized aluminum spool.
• Extra graphite spool.
• New and sophisticated
aluminum flat handle with an EVA
HD handle knob.

Crafty Black SS