Cinnetic EVO T.E. will blow the competition away- Tournament Baitcaster!

Just ask Pro Fsiherman Randy Blaukat, Blake Smith, Darrel Davis and HT Series Pro Barnie White what they think about these market leading reels!

Tough, light weight, strong drag, and LONG CASTING is all we keep hearing from our pro fishermen.... I think you will be very happy with these few words and this new must have weapon of the water!

Cinnetic EVO T.E.

  • Returns and refunds are allowed within 10 days of purchase.

  • 11 Stainless Steal BB

    7.1;1 Gear Ration

    One way clutch anti reverse bearing

    Aluminum Frame

    Carbon left and right side covers

    Double anondized and proted aluminum spool

    Double anondized aluminum crank arm with holes

    Brass pinion

    Aircraft Grade aluminum drive gear

    Carbob drag washers

    Dual EVA handle knobs

    Stainless Steel spool stem


    ** 13lb drag power, line cap- 10/137, line recovery per turn 28.7, weight 7.1oz