Technologically advanced, precise and light.
Only	197g	of	pure	mechanical	efficiency.
Main spool
Capacity (mm/M)
Extra spool
Ratio Bearings
•	 Front		multidisc	drag,	
 10 kg power.
•	 Ultra	light	aluminum		spool.		
Drilled sides.
•	 Stainless	steel	hollow	tube	
 bail wire.
•	 Titanium	nitrate	line	roller	
 for a smooth recovery.
•	 Ultra	Light	carbon	CRB4	
 alloy body and side cover.
•	 Sealed	engineering	in	key	points.
•	 High	tensile	HSG	graphite	rotor.
•	 High	speed	ratio	6,1:1.	
•	 9	stainless	steel	bearings.
•	 One	direction	bearing	anti	
reverse system.
•	 Parallel	oscillating	system	for	a	
better line alignment in casting
and recovering.
•	 hybrid	handle	made	of	aluminum	
and carbon.
•	 Graphite	extra	spool.
•	 Includes	carrying	bag.

Cinnetic Crafty Hybrid Spinning Reel

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